Powder coating

Powder coating is a way to achieve a decorative and aesthetic appearance of various metal materials with an impeccably ecological process. You can choose from many colors, surface structures and effects.


  • Color scales: RAL, NCS
  • Types of paint: epoxy, epoxy-polyester, polyester
  • Surface: smooth, finely structured, roughly structured
  • Effects: gloss, semi-gloss, semi-matte, matte, deep matte

The process itself begins with the pre-treatment itself. The method of chemical treatment is chosen according to the type of material and its intended use, in order to achieve excellent corrosion resistance and adhesion of the paint.


  • Iron
  • Aluminum
  • Steel
  • Galvanized steel
  • Aluminum castings
  • Zinc castings
  • Iron castings
  • Magnesium castings
  • Stainless steel

We use both manual and automatic painting on our line, which allows us to apply paint quickly and accurately.


Line capacity

Workpiece size: 6000x800x1600
Hand pistol: 2
Automatic pistol: 10


Wide color range

Color selection according to RAL or NCS scale.



We powder-coat larger and smaller series as well as individual products.

Quality control

Before packing we check the visual quality and, if necessary, the quality of the paint application.


All products are adequately protected for transport. By agreement with the client, the products are finally packaged and shipped.




Certifikat ISO 9001:2015


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