Laser cutting of tubes


Avoid cutting metal tubes, drilling holes, milling and deburring. We have modern technological solutions that enable rapid and accurate manufacture of products.

LT FIBER is the new system of the Lasertube family specifically designed and developed for cutting tubes of any section, with the fiber laser source.

The new technology of the fiber laser offers significant advantages in terms of a wider range of materials that can be processed –  among them also high-reflective materials such as copper and brass; aluminium and galvanized iron become also easy to cut. A considerable productivity increase is obtained on small thicknesses of stainless steel.

Machinery and equipment


  • power 2 KW
  • max. product length 5910 mm
  • max. diameter of round tube 140 mm
  • max. diameter of square tube 120 mm
  • cutting of all materials (steel, stainless, copper, brass and aluminum tubes)
  • loading area 6500 mm
  • unloading area 4500-6000 mm


  • the system is fully automatic
  • automatic switching to different dimensions and shapes
  • easy and fast programming with Artube CAD / CAM and ProTube
  • automatic cycle control
  • very good efficiency
  • 100% product repeatability
  • technology suitable for both large series and individual products

REFERENCES – material cutting for:

  • automotive industry
  • training center equipment
  • heating technology

3D models in .stp, .xt, or .iges format are required to compile the offer.


Marjan Pečjak, head of laser tube cutting


Product repeatability

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