About our company

In 2013 and during the crisis of the Slovenian furniture industry, the company took over the once successful wood processing company Stolarna Dobrepolje d.o.o., and with new investments, reorganization, development and training of employees set the production of high quality chairs and tables to order on world markets.

Stolarna Dobrepolje

In the desire to manage our products from the beginning to the end of production, in 2018 we invested in the purchase of a paint line for powder coating and thus the possibility of offering finished products.

Agent for our products is also Blažič d.o.o. company from Ljubljana.

Only the best


Our company

We are a company that manufactures metal components for office furniture and custom equipment. These are mainly components and furniture elements for the needs and furnishing of business premises.


Our services

  •     robot welding
  •     laser cutting of metal sheets and pipes
  •     punching
  •     bending of metal sheet and tubes
  •     powder coating

Flexibility and technical support

We monitor your project from idea to implementation. We offer you our knowledge and technical support in development and quality production.



  • years od experience
  • high technological equipment
  • quality production
  • technical support
  • availability of materials 

years of business


Certificate ISO 9001:2015


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